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It may seem obvious, but many villa owners new to the holiday rentals market in Murcia forget the simplest rules and therefore run into problems later down the line. Getting the basics right, before you open your doors to the holiday lettings market, means once you have taken the bookings, the day to day running of your rental villa should be a lot easier.

To begin with your villa in Murcia needs to be safe, fully self-contained; preferably decorated to a high standard; have enough beds, chairs, sofas and sun loungers to seat your maximum number of villa rental guests; have a fully equipped kitchen; and, of course, the all essential pool. To help you along the way to having a successful rental villa in Murcia, please refer to our detailed list below:

1. Villa Photography: get it right

Remember first impressions are very important. Taking great photos of your villa in Murcia that correctly represent it and show it in it’s best light is the most important thing you can due with regards to your marketing.

If you don’t hire a professional photographer, try to ensure you use a camera with a wide angel lens while taking pictures. Ensure there oven repair los angeles  is plenty of light by putting lamps and lights on, as well as set up the shots so they look as appealing as possible. For example: make up the internal and external dining tables with glasses, crockery, flowers and a bottle of wine, place folded towels on neatly made beds and rolled towels on sunloungers and generally make the villa look as inviting, airy and light as possible. Remember, it is worth putting a lot of effort into your villa photo shoot and description, which should last for years unless you make radical changes to your property, as it will encourage potential clients looking for holiday rentals in Murcia to click on your property link.

Also, always ensure that the sun in on the pool area and the pool pump turned off while taking photos, so that it looks calm and relaxing and very inviting for rental clients. A clean pool and sunshine always sells!

2. Get your villa paperwork & insurance in order

Public liability insurance is essential when renting your villa in Murcia, make sure you check and double check your building and contents insurance so that you are covered to rent your property. Villa owners also need to be able to provide rental clients with easy access to the property in the form of a local key holder who can meet and greet them and be on hand as an emergency contact or secure key lock box (it is recommended to change the code regularly).

Of course, it is inevitable that you will run into some operation difficulties, so having a reliable key holder and network of trusted and registered handymen in Murcia for boiler, electrical or air conditioning repairs is absolutely essential in order to get any problems, should they arise, fixed and dealt with as swiftly as possible. Ultimately this will avoid rental guests complaining, so always act fast to resolve any issues; it is your reputation after all.

Last but not least s a standard rental contract is necessary for every booking and owners should seek legal advice.

3. Plan a comfortable villa living areas

As a minimum; a rental villa in Murcia will normally need 2 sofas (as a rule, the property should have enough seating for 6 people if it sleeps 6 etc). Dark sofa colours are preferred, as they do not show marks and bean bags can also be used for extra seating A television (plasma desirable) with access to cable or satellite channels is highly sort after, as is a DVD/CD player and/or radio. Most Polaris World Resorts in Murcia offer a resort cable TV system with international channels Internet access and items such as PlayStations and iPod docking stations are also popular but not essential.

An open fire or wood burner is very attractive for winter/Christmas bookings. If rugs are used make sure they are hardwearing or dark in colour as stains show up very easily and can make a room look dirty. Simple canvasses, voiles and tasteful fake orchids/flowers are a good and affordable way to dress a room without having to worry about plants having to be watered.


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